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March 6th: End of Season 3x Event!

Team ONE Youth Teams End their Winter Seasons w/ 3x Tournament! The Winter season was a huge success and getting outside and playing some 3X was an awesome way to end the season on a fun note. Kudos to the players for getting after it this Winter and we are poised and ready as the players head into their Spring and Summer Seasons!

Team ONE & Trevian SC Create Multi Sport Athlete Initiative

Team ONE Partners with Trevian Soccer Club in an Effort to Get More Kids Playing Multiple Sports! We are so excited to find more ways for players to participate in multiple sports and by partnering with Trevian SC, we make it easy on the families! Looking forward to continuing to evolve this initiative as we head into future seasons!

Team ONE Day at North Central College!

Team ONE Boys had a great day supporting Director Jay Farrell at the North Central College Game! Thank you to all the players and parents who came out! 

Directors Supporting Our Boys this High School Season!

Be on the lookout for Team ONE Boys Directors at High School Games this Season Cheering On Our Boys! “You have put in the hard work, now it's the rewarding time of going out and watching you compete! Can't wait to watch the boys throughout the Spring Season!” - DJ Lubs

Awesome Alums

An INCREDIBLE moment for the Bruno Family! The Bruno Brothers (Dylan, Team ONE 2019) & (Noah, Team ONE 2017) square off against each other in a great #1 RIT vs #7 York battle! 

Looking Ahead to Summer!

Team ONE Boys will be attending Summer Tournaments in over 7 States this Summer! The teams are prepped and ready to rock! See below for a quick look at our Summer Tournament Schedule!


As Team ONE's official physical therapy and injury prevention partner, our goal is to ensure that our athletes receive educational information to help them compete and recover at their highest levels. Check out this month’s topic from Head Athletic Trainer Simon Jiries.


Stop by and meet Simon when he’s on site at trainings throughout the week. Any other injury needs? Reach out to

February 2022

YardGoats Success in Inaugural Season!

Congrats to all the players & coaches in the inaugural YardGoats Box Lacrosse Season!

We are so proud of the success that The YardGoats Box Lacrosse Program had in its first official box lacrosse season.  We are thrilled with this future of the program and can’t wait for more of our Team ONE families to join us next year. Much More Box Lacrosse to Come in the Future! 

Check Out the Highlights from the Inaugural YardGoats Box Lacrosse Season!

More Than Lacrosse Players - Strength & Speed Work is Paying Off!

The Academy Teams put in max effort at the Winter Bystol Sessions. Kudos to the Bystol team for their dedication to the players all winter long and for pushing our guys; the training was dynamic and a great compliment to our winter season goals of developing better overall athletes.

The Western Suburbs worked extremely hard all Winter long at the Dick Cook Speed & Agility facility. Overall we have seen a noticeable improvement week to week in balance, body awareness, communication, and even leadership! Thank you to the Dick Cook Team! Keep Working! Keep Grinding!

President’s Day Tournament Action!

Select Programs Wrapping Up the Winter Season with Indoor Competition!


The Northern & Western Suburb Select Programs took advantage of the three day weekend with some rapid fire 7v7 tournament action! High School Teams competed tough at the Lacrosse America ICE-Breaker Tournament in a very competitive high school division. These boys have been working very hard all Winter and are ready for High School Tryouts! The Youth Select Teams competed in the US Lax Presidents Day Tournament in West Dundee. It was great for the boys to play tough competition and always fun to go toe to toe in a fast paced tight spaced indoor event! Congrats to our U12 Western Suburb Team on bringing home some more Championship Hardware! We keep getting better with each passing event and we are excited for the Summer Season Ahead!

Good Luck to all our Boys High School Players at Tryouts Next Week!

Thank You Seniors! We want to thank all of our seniors for their hard work and commitment over the years! We are thrilled to watch everyone play this Spring! Team ONE will represent over 70 high school programs throughout Illinois and we couldn’t be more proud! Good Luck at Tryouts Everyone!

Coach Nate Marsh, What advice do you have for the hs players going into tryouts? 

Video: Drill of the Season 3 v 2 Boomerang

It’s no secret that at Team ONE we love small spaces, embracing contact and making good decisions on the field. 3 v 2 Boomerang is a drill inspired by all three of those. A standard 3 v 2 with a trailer, the last person who touches the ball must run around a bucket at the top of the playing field. As the last touch happens, the offensive team throws 3 passes to start the drill. It’s a race, can the O move the ball quickly and efficiently, they take advantage of a 3v2 situation, if they’re too slow with the ball, the D has time to recover and play 3v3. Ball movement is important for the offense, but equally important to make good decisions under the pressure of a trailing defensemen make for a fast paced fun drill that gets everyone involved!

Coach Farrell Quote of the Month - 

‘Why was I the best? What was my secret? I never got bored with the basics’ - Kobe Bryant 

Many of us get excited by the new training techniques, or the Lyle Thompson’s of the world, throwing backhand shots and passes. Both effective and a ton of fun to watch! But many don’t realize, those skills took time, effort and practice to be able to roll out in a competitive scenario. The ‘basics’ can be debated in a game as creative as lacrosse, but the fact holds true that regardless of what you may concern basics, or skills, need to be practiced, over and over, in order for them to be useful tools in your toolbox. Repetition is the key to success, and while it may seem boring to repeat the same drill or skill over and over again, having a successful lacrosse career will be defined by your ability to practice those skills, day in and day out, without getting bored. 

college lacrosse on tv!

College Lacrosse is On TV! Enjoy! Watch! Learn! Men’s College Lacrosse is on TV More than Ever Before - Take Full Advantage of the Opportunity to Watch & Learn!

Link to the College Lacrosse TV Game Schedule

March 6th: 3x Bragging Rights Tournament - Ending the Season on a High Note!

Team ONE Youth teams will end the Winter Season by competing in our Sunday, March 6th 3x Bragging Rights Tournament to end the winter season! Looking forward to watching the boys have some fun and compete outside! Check Your PlayerFirst for game schedules!


As Team ONE's official physical therapy and injury prevention partner, our goal is to ensure that our athletes receive educational information to help them compete and recover at their highest levels. Check out this month’s topic from Head Athletic Trainer Simon Jiries.


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Winter Virtual Seminar Series - Thank You to All of Our Speakers!


Justin Serpone’s (Amherst College Men’s Head Coach) talk on leadership, gets rave reviews from players, coaches, and parents! Big THANK YOU to Justin! It was a great message for the players and we hope everyone had a chance to listen! Missed it?

Click here for all Virtual Seminar Series topics, recordings, zoom links & information. 

What’s Next! The Month of March

Sunday, March 6th - TeamONE Youth 3x Bragging Rights Tournament - Check PlayFirst Schedules

Tuesday, March 22nd- Team ONE Night at North Central vs University of Dubuque (Naperville, IL)

Western Suburbs - March Spring Tune-Up Sessions

Northern Suburbs - Spring Break  Pop Up Clinics

Northern Suburbs - Spring Break Goalie Pop Up Clinics



January 2022


West & North Scrimmages - Better Together!
On a historic day (that turned into a couple) out Western and Northern Suburb teams hosted home and home scrimmages in both Lake Forest and Naperville. This has been a huge positive in the club to have the easy opportunities to get in quality games in a fun, yet controlled setting. Always great to get some extra reps in and to let the boys play and compete!


 Academy Competes in the Top Event of the Fall! IMLCA Players Summit in Florida

Our Academy Program attended the first-ever IMLCA Recruiting event in Orlando, FL. Our high school academy teams got to play in front of over 250 college coaches in just one event including every NCAA Division I team in the country.


Championship Corner
Congrats to our teams who battled to bring home some hardware this Fall/Winter so far!

  • U12 Yardgoats Box Lacrosse - Chicago Indoor Lacrosse Championship
  • West Select High School - Edge of Ice Championship
  • U12 West Select - Edge of Ice Championship


New Wave Joins Team ONE
With New Wave joining the Team ONE Family, the creation of the North and West Select teams brought great competitive opportunities to scrimmage with fellow Team ONE teams, bringing the best of the Western and Northern ‘burbs together to further enhance the strength and competitiveness of our club! As both areas continue to grow, more and more great lacrosse opportunities will follow! Excited for the future!

Think Outside the Box (Lacrosse)! YardGoats Box Program is Huge Success!
 With the addition of Coach DJ, we expanded our lacrosse offerings to include the fastest growing variation of the sport in the country: Box Lacrosse! Played 5v5, no long poles, on 4x4 goals in a hockey rink with turf, box lacrosse is non-stop action from start to finish. The Yardgoats Box lacrosse program is another tool to sharpen our lacrosse skills! Check out the action on instagram @teamonelacrosse


Welcome Academy Director DJ Lubs! 
Coach DJ Lubs has been named the Academy Director for Team ONE. DJ brings a wealth of experience to Team ONE with collegiate coaching stints at both Michigan State and Florida Southern College. DJ has also been a member of both field and box professional lacrosse organizations such as the MLL and the NLL. Coach DJ played collegiately at Florida Southern (NCAA DII) and was a 2x All-American Defensemen and the first in the program's history. DJ is also the coach of our 2028 and 2024 Academy teams. Welcome to the Team ONE Family!






The Netminder Lab is Open: Meet The Goalie Coaches 

We are extremely fortunate to have two great goalie coaches added to the staff! Coach Frank and Coach Moony both bring a wealth of experience and passion to helping goalies develop on and off the field!
 – Picture of Coach Tim Mooney playing box lacrosse with the Chicago Outlaws 


Director Focus - A Sneak Peek into our Directors’ Focuses Over the Next Few Weeks.

DJ Lubs Director Academy Program - Commitment. The Boys Academy program is focusing on recommitting to the team. Train hard, train with intensity and focus. The Winter is all about building individual confidence and team work ethic.

Zack Olsen Director West Suburb Select - Tight space ground ball work and moving the ball off the ground into open space. We are constantly working on improving stick skills through every drill we are running. This is a time for our high schoolers to fine tune their stick skills, and for our younger teams to develop confidence handling the ball under pressure. Our first Fall as a Western suburb program was energetic. While the coaches were busy installing schemes, and developing skills, the players were busy building the team identity. As the weeks in the Fall progressed it was amazing to see leaders emerge, and a culture within each team start to form. The U12 and High School team took home a championship at Edge of Ice, winning every game. There is still work to be done, but we are certainly on the right track! 

Nate Marsh Director North Suburb Select - FUNdamentals. Really emphasizing the importance of basic stick skills and the ground floor for the future of every player's lacrosse career. Build up the toughness. Being indoors means tighter spaces. Players have to be more physical in confined spaces. Defense learns to play tougher, and the offense learns to play with pressure. This ups the ante and creates competition among the teams and will create a better product.


recruiting corner

Recent College commitments

Congratulations to Chase Bruno on his commitment to Rochester Institute of Technology! Chase & the Bruno family have been a part of Team ONE for over 10 years. Congratulations to Chase and the Bruno family! 


As Team ONE’s official physical therapy and injury prevention partner, our goal is to ensure that our athletes receive educational information to help them compete and recover at their highest levels. Check out this month’s educational topic from Head Athletic Trainer Simon Jiries.


Stop by and meet Simon when he’s on-site at Falcon Fields throughout the week. Any other injury needs? Reach out to

SAVE THE DATE: IvyRehab Winter Seminar is February 8th at 6:30pm, covering ACL Injuries & Ankle Sprains


Winter Virtual Seminar Series

The Winter Seminar Series are great opportunities to learn and listen. Please take advantage as there are always great take-a-ways when hearing someone's story! Winter Seminar Series kicked off last night with Notre Dame Long Snapper Michael Vinson - mark calendar for the rest of our virtual seminar series in February. 

Click here for all Virtual Seminar Series topics, recordings, zoom links & information. 

Save the Dates: Looking Ahead

  • 1/28:  PlayerFirst Attendance deadline for Summer Events
  • 1/29-1/30:  GoodLand Box Invitation - All Yardgoats Teams
  • 2/6:  Supplemental Summer Tryouts (non-current club players)
  • 2/19:  IceBreaker Tournament - North/West Select High School
  • 2/21:  Presidents Day Tournament - North/West Select Youth